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. >> yeah. so, look, all in all, how is 2013 going to be compared to 2012? we have u.s. elections, i.t. companies, business from the u.s. there's a lot of uncertainty over the fiscal cliff. has there been a withdraw of investment but maybe it will bounce back? albeit, you've still got to get through debt ceiling and other negotiations. >> i think 2013 compared to 2012 and 2013, 2013 will be more positive. for the election year in europe and considering most of the companies infrastructure is more than 50% of the exposure to the u.s. market. most companies who have their renewal budgets, they tried to push it to the next year, the election budgets. so most companies do have good exposure to the u.s. i think 2013 is still better than 2013 compared to 2012. >> there's a lot of talk about on-shoring of business by the u.s. certainly with regard to manufacturing, you've got the natural gas boom in the u.s. which is making it much more attractive for the u.s. to manufacture stuff on-shore as well as 3g, 2g manufacturing. are there any factors on the software side that can have an impact on
for the austerity measures as angela merkel gives up -- for election. >>> and aig just finished off paying off its massive bailout, but the company is now weighing on whether to sue the u.s. government over that very rescue. >> now 2013. >> it's been so long. how long has it been? >> months. >> better make the most of it, though. >> two days. >> yeah. two days. >> then it's onward. >> anyway, look, we're here. i still don't know what time zone and country i'm in. >> there was snow, right? >> there was. it was beautiful. >> on today's show, we hone in on samsung in seoul. i'm all frufterred because you're back. the electronic giant will expand its lead over apple this year. >> and we've got our chips in. and we'll head out to las vegas for the latest on the consumer electronics show. >> the trade deficit widens to its largest level in five years. >> and we'll get the latest from wall street on just how happy a new year bankers are likely to have. >> i hope it's not that happy. some will be okay. generally speaking. >>> now, the greek prime minister anthony samaras is in germany to discuss angela me
, italian finance minister said what italy needed to achieve after its critical elections. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. >>> welcome back to the program. under draft proposals seen by the financial times, struggling companies will either have to invest in failing banks alongside the european stability mechanism or guarantee the esm against any losses. eurozone officials declined to comment on the report. >>> as we mentioned ahead of the show, david cameron is beginning to feel the heat. over the weekend, just 26% members would like to maintain britain's current relationship with europe. while 29% want them to be less restrictive or for britain to exit the block entirely. >> do you think this is something like scottish independence whereby the more they implement it, the more
of steroids, no one has been elected to the baseball hall of fame this year, nobody. we're going to ask someone who actually had a vote about the whole subject. >>> and later, president obama is about to nominate jack liu for treasury secretary. i say it's a terrible idea. what do big names like steve forbes and howard dean say? we're going to ask them. i suspect sparks will fly. and don't forget, folks, free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. somebody's got to teach that to jack liu. we'll be right back. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actua
the wealth that helps >> this ad about the dangers of socialism makes a big splash before the election, right? it didn't sway the outcome. now the billionaire behind the ad has the latest to say in the brawl in washington. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. >>> welcome back. this was the stock of the day today. dell spiked after reports the company is in talks with private equity firms. >> it would rank among one of the top of all time. rumor has it that several large banks have been contacted on the possibility of taking dell private. dell says it won't comment on rumors the stock is up 13% into the close. the underlying issue here is the pc ecosystem. dell was the poster child for that. and the pc ecosystem is now falling apart. global sales were down 8% in q3. then again 5% in q4. dell pcs were half of revenue last quarter. laptops down 26% last quarter. desktops down 8%. what's the road in turning things around? networks, servicers, have been doing
at their back. the tea party election of 2010 had given republicans very big numbers on the hill. and he's decided that he backed up, and he backed up and he backed up, and he's not going to back up anymore. he took his argument to the american people in the election. he won the election. they held the house, that is true. but he's decided that he's been vindicated by public opinion broadly, and he's going to try to hold that ground. the question is going to be, larry, at the end of the year on the tax issue, he had the hammer behind him of the expiration of all the bush tax cuts. he does not have that hammer right now. what he has is the prospect of a catastrophic standoff between republicans and democrats on the hill and against the white house and can he get his way, impose his way the way he did to some degree in the fiscal cliff negotiations? we're going to find out pretty soon. >> yes, we will. many thanks, john harwood, appreciate it. >>> joining us now exclusively with the gop response, the new chair of the republican study committee, steve scalise from louisiana. so we're going
in the election with up to 15% of the vote. let's move back down to the desk and continue our discussion. we saw the declining yields since berlusconi left. well over 8%, actually. and now we're just at over 4%. how much is the fact that we may get an undecided election, what will that do for sentiment around italy? >> i agree that the risks to the rally we've seen in italian income. i think the biggest risks in the short-term are political risks. in the end, i think the election situation in italy is staying pretty much as we expected. we expect any party would achieve an absolute majority in both houses and the italian parliament and be able to run as a coalition. i think the rule is that combination is one that is reasonably positive for the markets and reasonably positive in italian bond prices over the last year. >> is it your contention that actually they'll be the same relative degree of comfort in 2013? at the same time, we've had a big gain? >> well, i think how much value there still is in italian bonds, i think, you know, we have to be a little bit skeptical that there's a lot of valu
? supposedly the constitution says there's supposed to be new elections in 30 days. he doesn't want that to happen. so are you going to see chaos in the streets, are you going to see protests from the position? -- the position in the next couple of weeks? why do we care? biggest reserves of oil in the western hemisphere, second largest in the world. take a shot of the wall. we have this graphic. i think this is really telling. so on the left, way on the left, the blue are the reserves of venezuela, the green is the production. go a few columns over to the united states. we have very little in the way of reserves compared to venezuela. our production is much, much higher. so the markets are betting, and if you look at the venezuelan stock market or venezuelan bonds of which are widely held in fixed income portfolios, the betting is that post chavez we get closer to the point where the country starts reinvesting in its oil facilities. >> and production -- >> then production would go up. we would have greater supplies. plus, more would come back to the united states because, remember,
the fourth quarter, we had an election, the fiscal cliff and i think -- >> don't forget hurricane sandy. >> yeah, so you can say, hey, orders were a little bit slow but we're starting to see them pick up and every investor will go, yeah, that sounds about right and i think they will give them a pass. low expectations and the pass for the quarter. i think it will be a good quarter. >> rob, let's talk technical. i love technical strategy. how do you charts look to you based on the commentary you just heard on the fundamental side of it? >> maria, it lines up fairly well. if you look at where the weekly indicators are, they tend to track the one to two-quarter shifts and they are still building positively. our view is as you get into the latter part of the first quarter, the market is probably setting up for a more serious correction as you get into q2. one of the things that we're looking at is this rotation that's going on in the market. i think that's really the critical point to be focused on for investors and for viewers out there, and that is this rotation of the global growth themes
crisis in venezuela, because the constitution there says you're supposed to have an election within 30 days. if the winner cannot actually be inaugurated. we'll see what happens there. we'll show you what's going on with venezuelan bonds. they're widely held with a lot of fixed-income portfolios. look at that, nearly 9%. when hugo chavez first got sick, venezuelan bonds rallied dramatically, because people thought, okay, there's now going to be more investment back in the oil infrastructure, that means there will be more likely to pay back the money. in the short term if you look to the right, yields have risen again because in the short term, this could lead to chaos. they have the largest reserves in the western hemisphere when it comes to oil. moving on to north korea. we now have video, google executive chairman, eric schmidt, touring a computer lab in north korea, along with the former governor bill richardson who organized the trip. this is the entrance to the grand people's study house. and you'll see them looking at north korean individuals who happen to be allowed to be on the
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washington being dysfunctional. if in two years the country wants to elect, you know, a completely democratic house that will agree with everything that the obama administration wants, then we'll do that and we'll electric more democratic senators, the democrats can control the house, the senate and the white house and we'll give the president a rubber stamp on everything and washington will be totally fixed and we'll live in this great, great european country. so maybe it will go that way. but if it doesn't go that way and it's not washington, it's the people that send these representatives to washington who disagree with -- there's a 50/50 people split in this country of people who love entitlements because they're people on the receiving end and there's people on the other side who is funding everything. i don't know. i don't know whether it's a broken washington or we're just at a crossroads in the way the republic is governed and we have to make a decision as a country which way we head. >> right. that's definitely a lot of the ltage. there's still a lot of assets on the other side of th
with the fiscal cliff, they've heard us with the election and the last debt ceiling. and they heard us with the italian bonds. they're saying, maybe the media is too negative. >> speaking of deals, let's talk about one deal that does not look like it's going to happen. u.p.s. is abandoning the takeover of dutch delivery firm citing resistance from european regulators. u.p.s. had sought to buy them for the european network in business in asia and latin america. not entirely a surprise, i would imagine, since the ecb had sent a number of requirements out. >> but melissa, i think there was a generally held belief this was making good progress. i think the reason you're seeing tnt shares down so sharply because it was something of a surprise. you know, it may trade over there, but the fact ,t is owned largely to -- well, over here, and as you might expect hedge funds have been big players in this. they are getting -- well, they're just getting crushed today, as you see that stock down. it was a debate about creating competition there. there appeared to be the dpd division of lepost, the fr
quarter news. and a lot of that is still -- whether it's concerns about the u.s. election, whether it's the effects of eurozone fear and the fact that businesses continued to claim uncertainty as a way of avoiding investment spending. >> is that argument off the table or is it still on the table? >> look, i think uncertainty is the favorite argument of business ceos where every about why they won't do whatever it is that they have no intention of doing, anyway. basically, we live in an environment where things are going to continue to change and businesses are going to feel money if they feel there's an end demand that justifies that. there's end demand in china, end demand globally and moderate end demand in the u.s. the reality is businesses have done relatively well for the last two or three years and will continue to. >> real quickly, herbalife later this week will be making a big presentation trying to defend itself from bill ackmann. your thoughts? >> look, i happen to feel that waging your short selling campaign on the air waves a way of dictating stock price, i am personally
that served in the clinton administration about after the election how the president was going to fill out his cabinet. and he said if you look at the pattern that this president has followed, it has tended to pick people close to him who he feels very comfortable with. the criticism of president obama from some is that he's insular and that he has a very close circle. the positive of that is that it's a pretty cohesive group and he deals with people that he's comfortable with. and jack lew is clearly one of those people. >> you know, john, i know when you read the "new york times" editorialal page you know what you're getting when you read "the wall street journal's" editorialal pages you know what you're getting. but the point is, anyone that is still holding out some hope for a clinton-type packet more to the center is just becoming clear, more and more clear that that is not what we're going to get. the president has ideas about where he wants to take the country and there's no reason, once you're re-elected, why he can't put his own people in that will further his goals. but you just read
now. they want to get elected. they are just representing the voters who put them there and those voters across the country disagree wildly about what it do. so when voters say we hate congress, no, it is, with we hate voters who disagree with me. >> i saw the movie "lincoln" just there weekend and at that time, members of congress hated each other. and the level of rhetoric was so much more then. google, eric schmidt calling for more access in north korea. he is forming the country with bill richardson. schmidt, the latest american excesstive to visit there since kim jong-un took power there. >> i have no problem with schmidt being there. i asked governor richardson if i could go, she report with a pout, i was upset. i don't believe this idea that the state department is all worried they are going to dit rupt some great policy that they are. >> probably just showing kim jong-un how to search for porn. >> he probably already knows. >> how to turn on a light. >> it is a wide-eyed silicon valley guy going to a very poor corrupt country thinking, wow, technology will change everythin
vendcated his approach to deficit reduction in the recently passed election. he said he was willing to negotiate over ways to cut the deficit in the future but he accused house republicans of playing a hostage game with debt limit in the debt ceiling very soon and said he will not participate. >> they will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the american economy. the financial well-being of the american people is not leverage to be used. the full faith and credit of the kru united states of america is not a bargaining chip and they better choose quickly because time is running short. >> john boehner put o out a statement right after the news conference trying to stay out of box the president put them in. he said, the house will doity job and pass responsible legislation that droenls spending, meets our nation's obligations and keeps the government running. the question will be, can he move his caucus in a place to where he is reach an agreement with the president that raises the debt limit without violating the president's pledge. he says he will only go for a balanced
. his election in many ways is a reflection of the japanese saying enough, we're not going to have our -- your currency devalued and us being more competitive. >> and again it's important to have a discussion without ignoring this thing called the euro. after the u.s. elections when obama won, you had the risk aversion trade, stocks came down, but actually the risk metrics in the eurozone were much better. that means bond yields in the eurozone went up by less than the s&p fell and the euro fell in percent animal terms by less, then stocks went down and bond yields in the eurozone went up. that is thanks to the man that was elected the man of the year, mr. januaandraggy. he was able it do it without doing the omt. that capped the rise in bond yields in the eurozone, supported the euro, and that's the main reason why, the correlation between the euro and the s&p kind of weakened to the favor of the euro. and if the thing that i mentioned this year will happen, which is basically, you know, the gdp growth in greece may come back up, i think that will be good for the u.s. >> boris, respon
an election. people are already starting to talk about the horse race for 2016. you do elections -- >> hillary's up. >> we have a serious, serious problem that we need to address. fiscal, education, immigration, infrastructure, health care costs. i can go on and on. even the guns issue. >> the show is over. thank you for being here. >> it's a pleasure. >>> thank you, david. have a great weekend, everybody. right now it's time for "squawk on the street." >>> good friday morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl with melissa lee, jim cramer, david faber at the new york stock exchange. let's look at futures on a friday morning. mild action here. we are paying attention to the mutual fund inflows. as for europe, disappointing industrial production numbers in spain and the uk. but the euro is at a nine-month high this morning. we begin with the s&p, a five-year high. a lot riding on bank earnings. the report's not perfect. american express joining the list of financials that are cutting jobs. >>> best buy's troubles continue. they're not the only retailer under pressure this morning. jcp
. he won the election, i get that, but you just can't convince me that a jack lew or chuck hagel are first class appointments. they're not. nobody's going to buy that. >> how much time do i get to respond to jennifer's points? >> you get about 40 seconds. >> look, i think briefly on senator hagel, he was on the foreign relations committee, he spoke out about iraq, he spoke out about the surge, he has a record, some people disagree with his policies, i think he's imminently qualified, not only obviously because he served bravely for our country but also because he did overnight and george bush and other people picked people for the same reason. now, look, there may be some area of agreement here in which i think lew is being tapped because he was deputy omb director under clinton, omb director in this administration and we are in a period where every economic position is focused on spending and potentially cutting spending. that doesn't mean he gives you everything you want or the tea party wants, but, boy, republicans ought to figure out a way to take their wins when they get the
the elections that had favorable results in different states to legalize marijuana the stock has gone on a wild ride topping over $200 a share. we'd like to warn investors and viewers that while the company has a $1 billion market capitalization the shares outstanding for public trading known as the float, it's very small. this stock is traded over the counter. it's incredibly volatile sass always the case here on cnbc. do your homework before ever considering buying a stock and know how small the float is the medbox show is with me exclusively. bruce, even your founder has cautioned investors about the stock price before, correct? >> that is correct. maria, thank you very much. it is a pleasure and honor to be on your show and thank you for giving that valid and warning to our investors, appreciate that. >> sure. walk me through how this works. you've got vending machines that sell marijuana. >> technically they are not vending machines. what we do is we provide the safest most secure, most legally complaint way to store, dispense and inventory control prescription pharmaceuticals, including m
practice? >> yes. after the election was over in november, we started to see people getting back interested in the market again. it started to really pick up now in january. but after november we started to see people coming back into the market. >> are there any particular categories of investments or funds that seem to be more in favor than others? we decided the number on domestic stock funds but obviously large cap, small cap, index, international. what are you you fiechbding your cl finding your clients are asking about? >> stocks. if you can tell a story where a dividend is higher than the ten-year treasury, that seems acceptable to investors, tyler. >> the history is, when individual investors pour money into mutual funds, they do it precisely at the wrong time. it is a better sign after peak than a trough in the mark pept what do you think? >> true. true. that's a short term indicator. investors have been pulling money out of stock equity funds and the market has gone on to hit new highs last week. so i think people finally realize that i might have missed something and there is so
.m. phone call? and barack obama has been counting and did count in the 2012 election on his record answering that question and jack lew will ultimate sli to do the same thing. >> you know what, bob pisani, i'm hearing that everybody seems to forget right now, that europe is still a mess. we still have issues with europe and if the financial system in europe blows up, jack lew will have to have the confidence of the u.s. and the world financial markets in order to insulate the united states in case something like that happens. and a lot of people down the here are not sure because he doesn't have the market's experience that a timothy geithner has. >> that's a major problem. remember, he will have to negotiate with china and with the world bank. he will have high level discussions and finish dodd-frank and finish the baz el three. those are all really important issues. and his lack of experience is an issue down here. i know people that would have, for example, supported robert. he is a wall street guy and would have faced as much opposition. >> john, is there anybody who could be n
the debt ceiling sequestration and the european elections without much trouble. that's going to be the big if in the next couple of weeks. >> what you're saying is the economy is churning along no matter what it's kind of hard to knock this thing down? >> but the politicians could really do it. that's the problem. that is the businessest risk. right now the risk s political not economic. i think you have a big correction coming down. >> david? >> how about the issue that europe hasn't really really recapitalized all of its banks yet as the united states has, and what, if any, risk and exposure do you think that represents, and impact on potential growth opportunity? >> no doubt still risk although they basically are trying to sort of create a lot of -- sweep a lot of bad banks under the rug right now. they are moving towards the one key thing a lot of investors want to see which is centralized europeanwide banking regulation. if they can achieve that, of course, everything in europe moves very, very slowly. it will be a positive and investors will take with them. >> tom last year's gold's
. it's going to include the election. it's going to include the cliff. so there are going to be a flurry of outliers out there. >> i do like that the ceo has never blamed politics for the miss. it's always been the commodity occurrences. those are the question marks. you see iron come up in price, copper get strong. we've not seen aluminum get strong. aerospace a little bit stronger, construction a little bit stronger. remember, they did win the back of the ipad. that is the alcoa back there. they've got new bottles for coca-cola, but they make aluminum. and aluminum is in glut. exciting as the story should be, people get let down. look, i thought -- i talked about monsanto. i was wrong. that didn't come in. i do believe you get a moment to buy alcoa. it will only be a matter of time. they close factories, smelters in italy, and in spain. can you imagine the political pressure that klaus was under not to close those but he took the tough medicine. one day it will matter, that huge plant in the middle east will matter. alcoa, right now it can wait. >> alcoa can wait. >> the
awfully close. >> thanks. yeah, we did. >> year end was what, 1450? >> we started the year at 1430. post-election we kind of raised the numbers twice towards 1450. >> with that in mind, you see year end going to 1580. >> that's right. >> we're going to have a round-about journey, the middle of the year you think looks treacherous. walk us through that. >> we think the first half's going to be pretty tricky. you know, we can see the u.s. economy strengthening, china improving and investors under way. so we think it's proper for the market to be rallying towards 1500. but i think we're going to get a speed bump that takes us down to 1350-ish, which means we're down year-to-date, before we see the market really see the second half strengthening and getting us to 1580. >> tom, do you thich the first part of the year will be tricky because of what is happening in washington is this let's say we had, you know, reached a grand par gain of some sorts at the end of last year. would you say it's also tricky still? >> yeah. i think because, you know, i mean, washington's definitely one part of that calculus
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